German U15 and USPC Sign Cooperation Agreement

U15 and the Université Sorbonne Paris Cité Sign a Memorandum of Understanding in Berlin, Germany

News vom 21.03.2016

U15 Universities at the European Career Fair

News vom 04.02.2016

German U15 welcomes the recommendations made by the Imboden Commission

German U15 evaluates the current report from the Expert Committee, led by Dieter Imboden, as a milestone towards continuing the Excellence Initiative. “Now we are expecting a decision based on this report, regarding the specific structure of the Excellence Initiative for the support of top-level ...

News vom 02.02.2016

Concrete instead of Research

The planned cuts to "Horizon 2020" are threatening the successful implementation of the influential research funding program in Europe, and especially in Germany.

News vom 16.04.2015

Assistant to the Managing Director in the U15 Main Office

German U15 e.V. has been the strategic interest group for 15 large, research-intensive universities in Germany since 2012. German U15 represents excellence in research and teaching and has been a member in a globally active network of research universities since 2014.

News vom 16.03.2015

Documentation of the U15 Dialogue "Future of University Teaching" on 9 December in Berlin

News vom 06.01.2015

U15 signs up to global network of international research universities

During the event of the signing ceremony of the "Leiden Statement on Characteristics of SSH research" on Friday the 21st of November 2014, at Leiden University, the Netherlands, in the presence of Dr. Jet Bussemaker, Dutch minister for Education, Culture and Science Mr. Axel Buyse, General ...

News vom 25.11.2014

German U15 expresses relief

U15 had urged the federal government and the states to carry on the Excellence Initiative and to uphold overhead funding for research programs. The announcement regarding the continuation of the Higher Education Pact as well as the principle decision to move forward with the Excellence Initiative ...

News vom 30.10.2014

Shaping the Future of Universities

U15 supports demand from the speakers of Excellence Projects, October 9, 2014, Bad Honnef Shaping the Future of Universities--Promoting Top-Level Science Statement from the speakers of the graduate schools and clusters of excellence, directors and presidents of universities with sponsored ...

News vom 13.10.2014

Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) funds

German U15, the association of large, research-intensive universities in Germany, demands adequate consideration of the universities in the use of new funds available in the German states, following the reallocation of BAföG funding.

News vom 29.09.2014

German U15 Demands Continuation and Increase in Overhead Program Funds

News vom 15.09.2014

German U15 Elects New Board

President of the Free University in Berlin, Peter-André Alt, will be the new chairman of the board starting September 1, 2014

News vom 01.09.2014

The Right Signal

German U15 welcomes announcement for ease on Cooperation Ban

News vom 17.07.2014

U15 welcomes Agreement on Education and Research Budget

“The measures taken to strengthen the German scientific landscape are extremely necessary,” as U15 Chairman Professor Bernhard Eitel states, “These include the security of top-level research at universities, investments in infrastructure, the renovation of buildings, as well as the ...

News vom 28.05.2014

“Right of Universities of Applied Sciences to award Doctoral Degrees blurs the Profiles of Institutions of Higher Education and their Tasks

U15-Chair Eitel: “Right of universities of applied sciences to award doctoral degrees blurs the profiles of institutions of higher education and their tasks!”

News vom 20.03.2014

German U15 welcome Demands to strengthen the German Science System

German U15 welcome demands to strengthen the German science system

News vom 24.07.2013

Co-financing by the Federal Government for large research-intensive Universities in Germany

German U15 demand commitment to a higher education landscape based on a division of responsibilities and a corresponding financing strategy

News vom 22.03.2013

German U15: German research universities join forces to promote their interests

In a quest to improve conditions for science, research and teaching, 15 research-oriented universities with medical faculties have launched an association to jointly promote their strategic interests.

News vom 28.02.2013