01/2013 Research and Teaching

Bildquelle: UHH/Schell

Guidelines for German U15 Universities

The increasing globalisation of science and the growing presence of universities of all types and missions in different social and cultural environments call for a clarification of guidelines followed by German U15 universities regarding research and teaching; this statement is addressed to political and economic stakeholders and to current and future members of GermanU15 across the globe. The guidelines are based on the tradition of European Universities and their academic convictions, which have grown concurrent with cultural and social developments in Europe. The Research and Teaching Guidelines for German U15 universities illustrate the self-image, mission and guidelines of research and teaching at German U15 universities in the face of an increasingly diverse global university landscape and the resulting breadth of the term “university”.


In Germany and abroad, German U15 universities stand for


  1.  autonomy of the university; the university organises and administers itself.
  2. freedom of research and teaching with a responsibility towards mankind, society and nature.
  3. research-driven teaching.
  4. a policy of non-discrimination regarding access to university programmes as well as to research and teaching, and in particular, non-discrimination based on gender or on social, ethnic or religious background.
  5. advancement based on merit, especially in the context of evaluating scientific performance and of individual career development.
  6. the obligation to offer the best possible opportunities for qualification and personal development to its students, scientists, and especially to junior scientists.
  7. the obligation to increase knowledge through research and teaching.
  8. the duty to answer major, complex questions regarding mankind, society and the state in a world that is changing with ever-increasing speed.
  9. the duty to make their research findings available to society and to promote the use of these findings in all areas of public life.
  10. the duty to enforce the rules of good scientific practise among university staff.