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UK's return to Horizon Europe: research managers from the Russell Group and U15 met in London to discuss how research collaborations can be intensified agai

Meeting at UCL-Campus in London

Meeting at UCL-Campus in London

News from Dec 04, 2023

On 16 and 17 November 2023, research managers from the partner networks Russell Group and German U15 met at University College London (UCL) - on the East Campus in London's Olympic Park, which was newly opened in autumn 2022. The alliances each represent leading, research-intensive universities in their respective countries. In September, the UK and the European Union agreed on the UK's association to Horizon Europe, the world's largest funding program for research and innovation. The association offers the opportunity to overcome the uncertainties in research cooperation between British and German universities that have existed since Brexit and to intensify the close links and experiences once again.

Against this backdrop, the research managers from both associations discussed what they can learn from each other in order to submit joint research proposals for Horizon Europe and how they can support and facilitate applications.

Dr Birte Otten, Head of Research and Transfer, University of Göttingen:

"It was a very constructive meeting in which the interest in deepening current and future research cooperation was very clear on both sides. It is clear that the challenges of EU projects and EU research funding are similar for all universities. One of the key outcomes of the meeting was to expand the exchange and cooperation between the Research Support Offices in order to provide researchers with even better support in the future through joint application advice."

One aspect was repeatedly emphasized during the discussions: the importance of supporting young researchers in particular to form networks on the basis of which they can submit joint proposals.

Dr Victoria Abakumovski, EU Research Funding Officer at the FU Berlin:

"It was pleasing to see that UK universities continue to be so interested in European research collaborations and in particular collaborations with Germany. Colleagues from the research departments on both sides are very committed to strengthening these collaborations and it was interesting to see where there are overlaps and in which areas we can learn from each other. One point in particular emerged from the discussions: The success of international research collaborations depends on the professional networks of the researchers. It is particularly important to form and support these as early as possible."


About German U15 

German U15 represents 15 leading research-intensive universities that are among the most academically distinguished and internationally renowned institutions of the German science system. They are dedicated to outstanding research and excellent teaching and attract bright students as well as early-career and senior scientists from all over the world. German U15’s prime concern is to establish and promote the best conditions for university-based research, teaching, and transfer activities.


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