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A long history of cooperation: The Russell Group and German U15 partnership

German U15 & Russell Group

German U15 & the Russell Group

News from Dec 20, 2022

The Russell Group and German U15 can now look back on many years of cooperation. The close ties between the two associations and their member universities are a driving force for research, innovation and teaching in both countries and make an important contribution to meeting the major challenges facing society.

Over recent years the Russell Group and the German U15 have worked together on a number of key issues including how to protect free speech and academic freedom on campuses as well as joining forces to make the case that the UK’s association to the Horizon Europe research programme would be a win-win for the UK and the EU.

In June 2022, the Russell Group and German U15 committed to further deepen their partnership in order to secure and expand the important scientific links between the UK and Germany. You can learn more about how the partnership between German U15 and the Russell Group has evolved here (and you can find a German language version here).  

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