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Konferenz: "Empowering Futures: Entrepreneurship education and digital competencies in Scottish and German higher education"

18.09.2024 - 19.09.2024

Set against the backdrop of advancing excellence in teaching, this event aims to further deepen the ties between teaching communities in Scotland and Germany, share pioneering practices, and explore the multifaceted aspects of entrepreneurship education and digitality.

Business acumen and digital skills play a crucial role in preparing students for their future roles in a changing and exceedingly digital economy. Building on the recent launch of the Scottish International Education Strategy, we aim to explore a broad range of subjects, each integral to the advancement of university teaching and demanding innovative approaches.
Sessions will address issues around the use of AI in teaching and the digital literacy and competencies students and teachers require to make effective use of generative models and learning analytics in a higher-education setting. Additionally, we will look at strategies for overcoming the challenges of digital poverty experienced by students from less favourable backgrounds.

This configuration of topics not only aims to address the multifaceted challenges of entrepreneurial and digital training in Germany and Scotland but also to inspire the adoption of ground-breaking teaching methods across disciplines. The conference will serve as an invaluable opportunity to deepen our collaboration, expand our professional networks established over the last two years, and exchange best practices, enhancing the collective capacity of educators from Germany and Scotland to meet the evolving needs of students and society.

Zeit & Ort

18.09.2024 - 19.09.2024

Leipzig University