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Global network of excellence

German U15 maintains long-standing and trustful collaborations with partner networks of leading universities worldwide. These strategic crcollaborations promote exchange, mutual learning and the transfer of best practices and contribute to global understanding and the solution of worldwide challenges. The international partners of U15 include

U15 is a member of the Global Council of Research-Intensive University Networks (GRIUN). In addition to German U15, seven other alliances of top universities from Canada, the USA, Japan, Australia, the UK and Europe are represented in GRIUN: the Russell Group, the American Association of Universities (AAU), U15 Canada, the Group of Eight from Australia (Go8), RU11 Japan, the Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU), LERU. Together, the alliances represent 174 top universities worldwide.

German U15 & Russell Group

A key partner is the British Russell Group, the association of 24 leading British universities, from Oxford to Glasgow. We have a long-standing strategic partnership with the Russell Group, which we have manifested in a series of joint declarations. Together, we have campaigned for the UK's full association to Horizon Europe since 2019.


A selection of some of the topics we are currently focusing on:

  • Horizon Europe and Associations to the programme
  • Research Framework Programme 10 (FP10), the successor programme to the EU funding programme Horizon Europe, which ends in 2027
  • Research security


Dr. Friederike Schröder

Deputy Managing Director & Head of International

Phone: +49 30 20 60 49 185

Email: friederike.schroeder@german-u15.de